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Many members of the Red Hawk Rewards Club got lucky recently as they received over $1 million at the Presidents Day Weekend in various jackpots. Red Hawk gambling websites are known for a lot of loose and lucky slots and pays out comparatively higher jackpot amounts more frequently to winners.

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Top rankings

red_hawk_casinoA Fair Oaks-based player, Nick is a routine visitor to the casino and was enjoying his Sunday afternoon indulging in his preferred slot games. He had been playing at the Red Hawk Casino for a short while only. In the middle of the game (Game King Video Poker), the cards got slipped showing four aces. A $20,000 jackpot absolutely thrilled Nick and he has decided to utilize a portion of the reward cash for taking a holiday.

According to general manager of Red Hawk Casino, Bryan deluge, it is well known that the casino has been rated as the Best Casino in Sacramento for four years consistently. The guests at the Red Hawk Casino are aware that the casino offers a high-end gaming experience which cannot be matched by any other casino in the area.

A winning weekend

The weekend at Red Hawk Casino was full of winnings. The reels with respect to a Cleopatra slot resulted in a member getting lucky and winning a staggering jackpot worth $39,760.

Similarly another member of the Rewards Club from El Dorado tried her luck with respect to a Lucky 8’s slot. Within minutes, she struck an $11,854 worth jackpot! But the jackpots did not end here. There was another guest who had come from Carmichael in California and was happily enjoying the evening betting on penny slots, given the huge range of machines offered at the casino. Within 20 minutes, while sitting and playing a slot at Black Gold Wild Hits, the reels hit a jackpot of $24,182.