If it’s a great game of blackjack you’re looking for australian players in Melbourne, you need to look no further than El Cortez. The El Cortez Hotel and Casino is widely renowned by experts in the game and avid players alike as the single best blackjack game you’ll find in the Las Vegas city limits.

El CortezWith a 3:2 pay-off and a single-deck game, the house advantage at El Cortez is just under 0.2%. It’s the lowest house edge you’ll be able to find anywhere in either Downtown Las Vegas or along the Vegas Strip. Because the game is a single deck game, it’s almost always manually shuffled, avoiding the increased time for players to lose their winnings that some players have seen with the innovation of Continuous Shuffling Machines speeding up the process and adding hands.

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While there are some other tiny hole-in-the-wall places such as the Alamo (a tiny truck stop area away from the Strip) also have 3:2 payoffs with single deck games, these places are all strictly low-stakes games, with limits being set anywhere from $5 to $100. The El Cortez, however, does not limit itself to these small betting options, making it a far more exciting and potentially far more beneficial game.

In addition to its praise for having one of the best blackjack games in the country, it’s also been praised for its quarter slots and other games, as well.

With their low house edge, their exciting games, along with their reasonably priced rooms and rentals, it’s no wonder that the El Cortez has been deemed one of the best blackjack hot-spot destinations for serious players from all around the world. With the El Cortez excitement buzzing from sources and bloggers all over the world, it might just be worth checking out this classic hotel and casino the next time you’re in Vegas.


Many members of the Red Hawk Rewards Club got lucky recently as they received over $1 million at the Presidents Day Weekend in various jackpots. Red Hawk gambling websites are known for a lot of loose and lucky slots and pays out comparatively higher jackpot amounts more frequently to winners.

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Top rankings

red_hawk_casinoA Fair Oaks-based player, Nick is a routine visitor to the casino and was enjoying his Sunday afternoon indulging in his preferred slot games. He had been playing at the Red Hawk Casino for a short while only. In the middle of the game (Game King Video Poker), the cards got slipped showing four aces. A $20,000 jackpot absolutely thrilled Nick and he has decided to utilize a portion of the reward cash for taking a holiday.

According to general manager of Red Hawk Casino, Bryan deluge, it is well known that the casino has been rated as the Best Casino in Sacramento for four years consistently. The guests at the Red Hawk Casino are aware that the casino offers a high-end gaming experience which cannot be matched by any other casino in the area.

A winning weekend

The weekend at Red Hawk Casino was full of winnings. The reels with respect to a Cleopatra slot resulted in a member getting lucky and winning a staggering jackpot worth $39,760.

Similarly another member of the Rewards Club from El Dorado tried her luck with respect to a Lucky 8’s slot. Within minutes, she struck an $11,854 worth jackpot! But the jackpots did not end here. There was another guest who had come from Carmichael in California and was happily enjoying the evening betting on penny slots, given the huge range of machines offered at the casino. Within 20 minutes, while sitting and playing a slot at Black Gold Wild Hits, the reels hit a jackpot of $24,182.


Gambling revenues from Las Vegas will probably never surpass the levels of 2007, when over $7 billion was raised by Strip casinos. By 2009 the figure was already below $6 billion, which was the lowest for a number of years. These numbers have gone up in the following years, with the economic recession slowing down. With the economy in a healthy position right now, figures from Vegas are rosier.

casino_vegasThe 2013 figures for revenue stand at around $6.5 billion. This means that companies such as the MGM Resorts, Wynn and Las Vegas Sands have been making great profits. However, that has not stopped them from trying to adapt to this new world with their business practices.

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With the possibility of other casinos popping up all over the country, along with the potential legalization of online gambling, Vegas must be careful. The companies that are responsible for the Strip’s major casinos know that their revenue streams are always under threat from new avenues.

That is why they have been turning their attention to Macau over the past few years. The East Asian resort is one of the primary locations for high end gambling in the world. Even though Macau revenues slowed down a bit in 2014, there is tremendous opportunities for growth. An entire section of Macau has not been properly developed, with more casinos and entertainment centers expected.

A comparison of the figures from Macau and Las Vegas shows that the Strip does not have the Asian site’s growth potential. From 2010 to 2014, the numbers for Macau changed from $24 billion in revenue to $45 billion. This is a clear indication that the future for many Vegas based companies is Macau, not their home town casinos.

Vegas will always be important to these companies, but the bulk of their profits will come from Asia.


This March, Jackpot Grand Casino decided to add a bit of madness to your gaming routine with its cool promos on offer. The casino has announced the grand return of its Slam Dunk offer that players can avail from the start of March to the end of April.

Slam Dunk!

Jackpot Capital CasinoWhat is on offer? All new players at the casino will be ushered in with $60 free chips, and that is not all. A 400 percent deposit match up that can go up to $4,000 has also been announced.

Availing these thrilling offers is easy. All participants will have to do is register and, then, make a minimum deposit of EUR 25. Once it has been done, you can enter the bonus code and participate in the March Madness. Moreover, players will be spoilt for choice as the casino is offering a catalogue that is filled with 200 exciting games. This, they deem, will help you improve your manners at the casino table.

There’s plenty more

Recreate an authentic casino experience at home during the March Madness promo. The casino has opened up 60 slots and more than 10 table games that you can have a blast at. The table games on offer include Baccarat, Blackjack, Pontoon and Pai Gow Poker. Additionally, there are also video games and speciality games – like European and American Roulette, Bonus Bingo and Craps – on offer.

Be a champ

You can be crowned the Blackjack Champ during the March Madness promo. To make things simpler, the casino has spelt out the rules. You can start off with two cards but can request for just one card at a time, till you are shown 21. The last player standing will win the championship at the grand March Madness celebration.


For many years, casinos have extended great opportunities, but are now being eclipsed by their net variants. Your local casino can doubtlessly still offer unparalleled experience but it no longer holds a monopoly on features like convenience and relaxation. After a busy day at work, why not fix yourself some food, relax and place your bets!

The advantages of playing your favorite online casino games at home are pretty obvious. Winning a set or having a good time can be challenging if you’re confined by standard opening and closing hours, but from home you can gamble to your hearts content and be guaranteed of a terrific game. There’s no hanging around to play your favorite game and you don’t have to deal with other people.

Because they’re on the web, online casinos can easily host more roulette tables, sports betting, dice throwing and other gambling opportunities than brick and mortar outfits. By solving through all of these problems at once, you can get down to a couple of hours of fun gambling.

In addition, you won’t have to wander around a busy building trying to place your bets or deal with over-worked staff or other players aiming to win big. You’ll obviously need to download the program in order to begin. It sounds rather confusing for the less technically inclined of you, but it’s really quite straightforward. For ease of use you will not need a browser window open nor will you be relying upon the accessibility net site.

Thankfully the majority of the games won’t strain a half decent graphic card and should run easily on a low-mid range PC. With luck all you’ll have to worry about is your processing power! In addition, rather than suffer through prolonged referral procedures whenever something breaks, a support number and/or e-mail address will be provided.

It’s a matter of personal taste but net casinos are a growing industry. Best of all, there’s genuinely nothing complex about them. You won’t be waiting around for hours on end for the program and your deposit to download. Join the many others who have already made the shift over to online entertainment. Try your luck and maybe you could win hundreds, for more details check out casinouk.com


The European continent is not exactly short on top quality casinos which act to serve the millions of users of both online and land based services which populate the land mass. In fact, many would claim that Europe has been leading the way in keeping things focused and fresh in this beloved industry of ours for a very long time now. Many of the most coveted gaming licenses which allow would be providers of top quality gambling services access to some of the largest and most wealthy markets on earth can be found in Europe, with the British, German, Spanish and French commissions leading the way in this field. Please visin online roulette and make real money online.

Casino_VeldenAs a result of their esteem, casinos based out of Europe in a sense have an obligation to provide the very best to their clients when it comes to special promotions and offers. Some of those which are worthy of being talked about so far in 2015 are as follows:

Eurogrand Casino

Licensed out of the British Mediterranean territory of Gibraltar, as so many successful online operations are these days, the Eurogrand casino has won esteem in recent years as a result of its cutting-edge approach to the live dealer format, amongst other features which I won’t spoil for you! Currently, the casino is offering a welcoming bonus of up to £1000 for new users, as well as 25 or more free spins on the back of your first deposit.

Jubise Casino

The Jubise casino is pretty much Frances finest online gaming platform to day, and given that they’re a nation that holds very high standards in this area – it’s definitely one to visit. Available in English and with its main currency being US Dollars, newcomers to Jubise will enjoy a bonus of up to 150% on their deposits up to 300 (EUR/GBP/US).


The best online casinos in the United Kingdom offer a safe and exciting gambling environment without the risks faced inside a seedy gambling house. Players can bet on a number of games like blackjack, roulette and online slots. The payout percentages of these casinos are better than their peers. These casinos also have a clear policy on awarded bonuses and the associated wagering requirements.

Top casinos in the United Kingdom

onlinecasinosukThe list of premium online casinos include

  • Lucky247 Online Casino: This establishment provides you Free Deposits worth GBP500 so that you can wager on the 450 plus online games including roulette and Blackjack.
  • Hippodrome Online Casino: This casino is known for its style quotient. They provide every player with a GBP1,000 welcome bonus. Other than currency, 20 Free Spins are offered. You can pick from a huge selection of games. Best of all, no downloads are necessary.
  • Roxy Palace Online: This casino accepts bets from players resident in the United Kingdom. You can use the free GBP350 Free Offer on the many 500 plus exciting casino games. You can also try your skill with Live Dealers, thus ratcheting up the excitement.
  • G’Day Online Casino: The G’Day Casino provides you a generous bonus of doubling the first bonus you make, regardless the amount. You will also receive 50 Free Spins. This deal is very competitive.
  • Thrills Online Casino: This casino provides GBP200 free in the form of Deposit Bonuses. It provides real cash spins. There are many different kinds of slot games-ranging from old favorites to new digital slots. There is also a large selection of many online roulette games.

The Leo Vegas Casino offers a 200 percent Welcome Bonus and highly enjoyable 200 Free Spins. They are well known in the UK gambling industry.

Microgaming casino

The Betway Online Casino is one of better Microgaming casinos in the UK and has brought many new concepts into Britain. They facilitate all kinds of betting, from the general online games like Online Slots to Live Casinos, poker and bingo.


Online casino Australia has a huge number of benefits in store for the players and the current promotions offered by each casino has added to the excitement. Australian players, known for their love for gambling and gaming are always looking out for new promotions and payout offers from the best online casinos.

Spin PalaceRuby Fortune Casino is one of the best online casinos offering quality Android games like slots, jackpots, and roulette and Blackjack games including daily rewards for the regular players. You can make your payments through Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, UKash, Neteller and Ckick2Pay platforms to mention a few.

The Best Online Casino for Australian players for this month is Spin Palace Casino offering 100% deposit bonus upto AU $ 1000 in bonus. There are above 580 games to enjoy in Spin Palace. Players can win more than AU $ 5 million daily.

Royal Vegas and GamingClub are two more casinos offering interesting signup bonuses for the players including hefty payouts. Royal Vegas lets you start playing for a bonus amount of AU $ 1200 free of cost. This is one of the most extraordinary casinos online. This casino simply takes you for a virtual trip to Vegas.

Gaming Club with more than 500 games in store for the players has round the clock customer support services. Designed by Microgaming, this online casino was launched in 1994, making it one of the oldest casinos. There’s absolutely no reason to think that this casino is outdated as its old. It offers the best graphics and sound effects, putting itself in same footing with other casinos online.


For the uninitiated, The PGA TOUR is an organization of nationwide golf tours that boasts some of the most renowned athletes in the world. Each tour is its own separate crusade, with countless spoils bestowed upon the winners. Soon, you will be able to embark on your own personal PGA adventure. The 1k ‘3-Day’ Survivor Tournament is an upcoming online video slot tourney that pits 1000 players against each other, over the golf-themed Argyle Open online video slot.


The_Argyle_OpenCompetition is fierce in this Survivor tourney. The established limit of 1000 players will be strictly upheld, and late applicants will be turned away. This free-for-all takes place on 2015/10/26 00:10, time zone GMT + 1:00 (BMT). Each player must submit their entry fee of 4 EUR to be eligible for play.


The Argyle Open is literally a pristine vision of the perfect golf course. The symbols, Wild cards and layout of the game are accordingly golf-themed, with some of the additional features of the game as follows:

  • 5 reels, 40 paylines and up to 20 free spins! The ways to winning are unfathomably complex!
  • Up to 2,000,000 coins are up for grabs in the mega jackpot!
  • Drive and Fairway Game, Putt Bonus Game and Open Bonus are but a few ways to increase your winnings exponentially.